Ice melting in Antarctica is also big problem for penguins.  Because of climate change, ice in Antarctica is melting and temperature of sea water is increasing.  These problems limit to supply food in the sea.  Ice melting also cause penguin colonies to head farther south.

Check out what we can do:

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  1. We tend to think that it is not only a big problem for penguin. How about polar bears, Seals? Also, because this is one of the result of global warming, it is hardly to fix this problem in short run, yet it need years and years. And probably in less than 50 years those animals will only appear in zoos.

  2. I think you’ve got misunderstood. Polar bear don’t live in the north pole (arctic) not antarctic which is located in the south pole. About seals, i just posted a new article about them. Please have a look at. Thank you 🙂


  2. GABY,9-th D | YOUNG

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